How to Remove & Fit a Tight Bicycle Tyre, with less hassle!

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How to Remove & Fit a Tight Bicycle Tyre, with less hassle!

Title:How to Remove & Fit a Tight Bicycle Tyre, with less hassle!
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Having recently experienced the tight combination of this FSA (Vision) Team 30 clincher wheel and Continental wired Gatorskin 700 x 23mm tyre, I have spent some time testing different methods of removing and refitting the tyre, and the video should be of help to those in the same situation. It is worth practising this at home so that the inevitable puncture on the roadside can be less hassle. Not all of us have the luxury of a team car swapping our wheels when we puncture.

It really should not be as difficult as this to remove and replace a bike tyre, and I have been in contact with the wheel manufacturer FSA in Italy, and they claim their wheels meet the ETRTO dimensional standards, and give a chart of tests that they have done with different tyres, classifying the fit as Low, Medium or High Difficulty:

Schwalbe One 700x23 Medium (with levers)
Hutchinson Fusion 3 700x25 Medium (with levers)
Michelin Pro4 Endurance 700x23 High (with levers)
Continental GP4000S 700x23 Low (with hands)
Kenda Kaliente Pro 700x23 High (with levers)
Kenda Kadence 700x23 High (with levers)
Maxxis Columbiere 700x23 Low (with hands)
Maxxis Xenith 700x23 Low (with hands)

As far as FSA are concerned it is the tyres that make the difference. Well I have used these same Gatorskin tyres on another rim and had no difficulties. Also I have fitted Continental Grand Prix 4000 folding tyres on these same FSA Vision rims, and they are just as difficult as the Gatorskins and that seems to contradict the chart above.
If the manufacturer has kept within the allowable tolerances the standard on wheel dimensions is wrong - who should have 'High Difficulty' changing their bike tyres! So we have to do the best with what we have ...
NOTE added Sept 2015 - I would add two tips to this method that I found helped.
1- When refitting the tyre, aim to complete the operation in the location of the valve as this allows more of the tyre bead to fit into the well of the rim. Push the side walls of the tyre together into the well to give as much slack as possible.
2 - instead of using insulated wire to hold the tyre in position, I found using a single short ski strap with a griping buckle is better, then working towards it with the tyre levers.

Lastest note as of Setember 2016 - I originally had Continental Gatorskins on these Vision rims and that is what is shown in this video. I beleive the rim is the main cause of this difficult fit.
Now I have switched to Schwalbe One Evo Clincher V-Guard Folding Tyre and the fit is easier than the Gatorskins. So far I have riden only about 1000km on the new tyres, but with no punctures yet. They roll smoothly and grip well so I am happy in that respect. The big test for me however is puncture resistence ... I will keep an update on this.

Update on 15 October 2018 - two years on and many miles later I can say that the Schwalbe One Evo Clincher V-Guard Folding Tyre that I fitted to replace the Conti Gator Skin, has been every bit as puncture resistent (only one puncture caused by a small nail/ tack) with the massive advantage of being easy to fit. I do not plan to use gator skin tyres again. It is best to avoid finger breaking tyre repairs on the road side if you can!

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