M1 MacBook Pro - Indian Student’s Review! Best Laptop for College?

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M1 MacBook Pro - Indian Student’s Review! Best Laptop for College?

Title:M1 MacBook Pro - Indian Student’s Review! Best Laptop for College?
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In this video, I will be reviewing the M1 MacBook Pro 16GB RAM/256GB SSD Version. If you're thinking about buying a laptop for college then you should defiantly consider this MacBook!
The M1 Processor is a game-changer, because it delivers exoberant performance while also delivering a 20 hour battery life.

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kiratalreja/
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Twitter - https://twitter.com/KAlreja

My Experience in 1 Minute : (0:00)
Introduction : (0:55)
My Variant & Price : (1:30)
Air vs Pro : (1:59)
Design : (2:58)
Browsing Experience : (4:32)
Display : (5:16)
Keyboard : (6:04)
TouchBar : (6:55)
Performance : (8:02)
Video Editing : (8:32)
Battery : (9:47)
Intel Apps : (10:57)
Coding : (11:56)
Issues I Faced : (12:43)
Worth It? : (13:47)

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