Thoughts Girls Have During Finals

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Thoughts Girls Have During Finals

Title:Thoughts Girls Have During Finals
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Thoughts Girls Have During Finals
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Have you ever walked into class thinking it was a normal day of school of sitting in the back row and flying under the radar like usual...only to find everyone else around you prepared for a FINAL EXAM that you totally forgot about!! OH NO!

Okay you've been paying SOME attention all year long right? You can answer a few multiple choice questions no sweat. Maybe you won't TOTALLY bomb it. The process of elimination is your friend! Wait, did she just say Short Essay Packet?? Gulp.

Do you have all the supplies you need? Let's take a look, pens in assorted colors, your lucky rock, chapstick, and... calculator?? Do we need that for a History Test? It's always good to be prepared! And hopefully you didn't forget that picture of Beyoncé you keep in your backpack to inspire did didn't you? Welp maybe Ms. Lipman is feeling sprightly today and will let you run to your locker to get it. Then again, maybe not.

Okay desperate times call for desperate measures. Time to butter up the teacher. Maybe compliment her hair or her makeup! Or even better, she never shuts up about her obsession with her cat that she calls her "daughter." I bet if you ask her about that she'll go on so long she'll forget about the test all together! Or maybe you'll get stuck listening to her talk about tricycle? what is that?

Okay, time to go through the test and answer the easy questions first. You can do this. You only need to remember the things she talked about all semester long. Treaty of Versailles? Okay do you remember any mnemonic devices?

Definitely grab a snack to help pump your brain full of knowledge, that's how that works right? Just don't disturb your neighbors and cause a scene.

We all know the key to writing long essays is to draw out what you're saying. What can be said in four words can also be said in twenty! Just over describe everything and the pages will fill up.

Other more prepared students around you might get up and turn their test in early. Don't let it distract you! You have to focus on your test and answer those last questions you skipped and remember, when in doubt, answer C.

If all else fails, then maybe you can somehow strike up a deal with your teacher in order to pass that class. I hear fidget spinners are super popular among teachers...

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