Tips & Tricks to Install a Really Tight Difficult Bike Tire

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Tips & Tricks to Install a Really Tight Difficult Bike Tire

Title:Tips & Tricks to Install a Really Tight Difficult Bike Tire
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Tips and tricks on how to install tight bike tires on a difficult rim: We show you 3 steps which include removal, preparation of the rim, and installation of very tight tires such that bike tube replacement is performed with ease if you get a flat tire out on the road. This techniques works for a road bike, mountain bike, trail bike or BMX tire.

For tight difficult tires, use a tube slightly smaller then usual. For a 23mm wide tire, instead of using my Continental 18-25mm, I'll use an 12-23 ultra thin which will give me more room under the tire. One can also use packing tape which is thinner then of velox rim tape or veloplugs. Cutting the rim tape to the correct size is an art.

For removal, let all the air out of the tire. Then center the bead in the well of the rim where the wheel is essentially smaller and the tire easier to work with. Placing two tire levers under the bead on the bicycle wheel adjacent to the valve and spaced slightly apart, push down with both levers to lift the bead over the rim at the valve. Then one can proceed to lift off the entire bead using one of the tire levers.

Insert one tire bead over the rim. Install the tube valve using a tube that is slightly inflated and covered lightly with talc or baby powder. The talc will allow the tube to easily slide up into the bike tire. Insert the other bead starting at the valve and working your way on both sides. When you get to the tough area opposite the valve, let all the remaining air out. Center the tire bead that's already under the rim by squeezing the tire toward the center of the well all the way around. Centering gives you a lightly more room and flexibility to the tire. You can now use your palm of one hand and tumb of the other to push the tire bead over the rim or, as I perfer, the Crank Brothers Speedier Tire Lever. It may require centering of the bead repeatidly and using your hands or Speedier lever half a dozen time in some cases with tight tires.

How to change or patch, or repairing a tight tire is critical to you get a flat tire while out cycling on the road or riding on the trail.

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