1 Year Of MAF Training - The Maffetone Merhod Results Are In

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1 Year Of MAF Training - The Maffetone Merhod Results Are In

Title:1 Year Of MAF Training - The Maffetone Merhod Results Are In
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1 Year Of MAF Training - The Results Are In
Maffetone Low HR Training after running 2800 miles the results are in.
In today's video, I review one year of MAF training by the maffetone method. I have learned a lot about the Maffetone Method and I want to discuss what I think of Maffetone after one year of running this way and how far I've come in my fitness. This is part 2, here is the link to part 1 (it's the long version) https://youtu.be/twna3KHbnFI

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