10 Korean Actors Who Grew Up EXTREMELY Poor! Ft HappySqueak

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10 Korean Actors Who Grew Up EXTREMELY Poor! Ft HappySqueak

Title:10 Korean Actors Who Grew Up EXTREMELY Poor! Ft HappySqueak
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When we look at our favorite #kdrama actors of today, we expect them to have always had easy lives! However, these 10 #Koreanactors faced so many obstacles on their pathway to stardom, including being so poor that some of them had to pick up trash to earn a living. Despite their initial hardships, our favorite #koreandrama actors managed to persevere and become extremely wealthy and loved by many! Which actor or #Kpop star did we miss? Let us know in the comment section!
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1. Park Bo Gum 00:37
First on our list is one of the most in demand actors today, Park Bo-gum. So behind that charming smile our Bogummy gives us, there’s a hardship in his past that some of us didn’t know about. But we are so happy that Park Bo-gum found success in his life. One of our favorite oppas is currently in the military today, but not wanting to leave fans totally brokenhearted, Park Bo-gum has left us with the 2020 Korean drama Record of Youth and upcoming movies Seo Bok and Wonderland.

2. Park Shin Hye 01:31

Whether we are talking about Korean dramas or movies, Park Shin Hye’s name will surely pop up. A household name today in the world of K-drama, Park Shin Hye is listed as one of the highest paid actresses. But before her fame, things weren’t so well for the actress. In an episode of a Korean variety show, Park Shin Hye shared that her family faced financial difficulties.

3. IU (Lee Ji-eun) 02:17
Dominating both concert stages and the K-drama world, IU also used to face financial difficulties in her life. The singer-actress live a relatively comfortable childhood, but that was until debt came into their lives.

4. Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) 03:22
Despite his great success today, the Full House actor has had a sad past. We’ve heard other actors struggle financially in the past, but one of the most painful stories belongs to Rain. Unfortunately, the singer-actor experienced hunger.

5. Hyeri (Lee Hye-ri) 04:12
A round of applause for the Reply 1988 star, Hyeri, for her donations to different campaigns. Knowing what it’s like to struggle financially, our idol is constantly helping donation drives. Growing up with a mother who worked as a factory worker, Hyeri shared her feelings during a celebrity talk show back in 2017. Getting emotional, the star shared a sad memory of her mother working hard and spending her youth for the actress.

6. Seo In Guk 05:01
Collecting boxes in the streets and recycling them to earn some money, Seo In Guk lived a poor life just like what we see in some of his dramas and movies. In order to have food on their table, the actor’s mom....

An award-winning actor, Seo In Guk had his breakthrough in one of the installments of the famous Reply series, Reply 1997. Since then, he’s been giving us time-worthy dramas like Shopping King Louie and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Now serving us one of the most anticipated dramas in 2021, we’ll be seeing the actor with Park Bo Young in the upcoming drama, The One Day Destruction Entered the Front Door of My House, or Destruction, for short, lol.

7. Han So Hee 05:50
Before having success in the spotlight, many actors really struggled to make ends meet, and one of them is Han So Hee. The World of the Married star was so different from her role in the drama, a daughter of a rich family,.

8. Sandara Park 06:35
Another star with a family that declared bankruptcy, Sandara Park joins our list. Reaching a point where even a bus ride was a luxury, the Korean singer-actress went to the Philippines to start over again.

Through years of hard work, Sandara Park returned to Korea and became part of one of the most successful girl groups of all time, #2NE1. Aside from her singing career, we’ve also seen her on the small screen with her acting roles in Philippine and Korean dramas like Cheese in the Trap and The Return of #Iljimae. The star also treated us with some web dramas entitled Dr. Ian and We Broke Up. Spoiling her fans, she even gave us cameos in dramas including My Love from the Star, The Producers, and in the recent drama, Dinner Mate. Lately, she’s been serving us lovely song covers.

9. Cha Seung Won 07:27
Living in a house or an apartment? For Cha Seung Won, he spent years living in a basement with his now ex-wife. Marrying at an early age, the actor struggled to make ends meet. Truly living in poverty, Cha Seung Won didn’t do much during his childhood because he couldn't afford to try anything.

10. Song Jae Rim 08:01
Taking a spot in our list is Song Jae Rim.

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