Buying a $20 PVP Pro HACKER Fiverr

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Buying a $20 PVP Pro HACKER Fiverr

Title:Buying a $20 PVP Pro HACKER Fiverr
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Buying a $20 PVP Pro HACKER (Fiverr)

So I hired a Minecraft Hypixel Pro player from Fiverr to teach me how to GOD Bridge in Hypixel Bedwars and improve my PvP. However after playing with the PVP Pro for some games I quickly learned that this guy was blatently HACKING and when I confronted him in the call it got messy. When we reach 4000 LIKES I'll release the SuchMod in my discord server.

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00:00 - Intro
00:59 - Buying Minecraft Coaching
04:34 - Meeting Professional Player
08:33 - 1v1ing Minecraft Pro
12:39 - Minecraft Pro Hacker
14:40 - Confronting Rage Hacker

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Snowfault SpeedSilver Texture Pack
By Keno

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