Control Units and Give Orders! Unity RTS Tutorial

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Control Units and Give Orders! Unity RTS Tutorial

Title:Control Units and Give Orders! Unity RTS Tutorial
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Let's make a Simple RTS Control System to Select our Units and Give Orders.
This is a great base for you to expand upon, add more actions, different types of units, etc.
Stay tuned for an upcoming video covering how to make Custom Animated Cursors so we can make the game look better and give the player more context.

Control Units and Give Orders in Unity ECS!

Modular Character System in Unity

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We're going to start off with a basic Unit standing Idle.
First we capture the Mouse Down and Mouse Up events and store the Mouse World Position, using that we can then use Physics2D.OverlapAreaAll which returns all the Colliders within two points
Then we create a script to identify our Units and ignore objects like Rocks. We add a Visual for the Unit Selection and the Selection Area.
After that we add the ability to give our Unit a simple Move Order. The Unit is handled by the Modular Character System created in a previous video so we can easily add some move behaviour.
With the Units receiving orders then we dynamically generate some positions around the Target Move Position and send each unit to a different position in order to prevent overlapping.

And with that the RTS Control System is done!
You can use this as a base for your RTS Games and Expand upon it by adding more actions and behaviours like Attacking Enemies, Constructing Buildings, Gathering Resources and so on!

If you have any questions post them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.

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See you next time!

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