Desktop Goose Took Over My Computer

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Desktop Goose Took Over My Computer

Title:Desktop Goose Took Over My Computer
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The goose situation is getting out of hand. Now it started to mess with my life! I can't even write normally without the goose being a jergmvnjmcdk nvdmjbgnvk dmcjdbgvjkmd..............


[00:00] 11:33 AM
[01:14] 1:07 PM
[02:16] 1:20 PM
[03:36] 4:46 PM
[04:26] All Hail the Hypnogoose

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You can download the Desktop Goose and support the author here:

It's NOT A VIRUS by the way so chill out! And stop watching clickbaiting YouTubers who spread nonsense like this :P To stop the goose from annoying you just run the .bat file provided with the mod or end the task in Task Manager.

Note: not everything shown in the video is a feature of the desktop goose application. Some of it was just editing for comedic effect. Obviously!

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