DIY Atomic Bomb Nuclear Explosion Lamp

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DIY Atomic Bomb Nuclear Explosion Lamp

Title:DIY Atomic Bomb Nuclear Explosion Lamp
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With these lamps becoming so increasingly popular on the internet these days, I thought I would do a little DIY video, so that you could create your own at home with just a few inexpensive items, without having to purchase an expensive prop from eBay or Etsy. Nothing against the artists who produce these for profit, but everyone who is into video games like the Fallout series or movies like Dr. Strangelove, etc. should be able to craft one of these fine props in their garage in less than ONE DAY, and with pocket money. Please enjoy the video, and if you liked it, drop a thumbs up on it and subscribe to see more content like this in the future.

Fairy Lights:

🎵: Gerhard Trede - Hallo Mister X
🎵: Five Stars - Atom Bomb Baby
🎵: Sheldon Allman - Crawl Out Through The Fallout

Disclaimer: Please note, no copyright infringement is intended, and I do not own, nor claim to own any of the original musical recordings used in this video.

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