Goku vs Broly Part 1 Reupload

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Goku vs Broly Part 1 Reupload

Title:Goku vs Broly Part 1 Reupload
File Size:3.5 MB
Bit Rate:128 kbps

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Story: Broly arrives on earth to destroy it. Interfere with him in that only Goku and Vegeta who want to stop him. To fight or join friends Goku and Vegeta. Will they succeed? See for yourself.

All information regarding the film are at the end.

This is a reupload. The film under the name of Goku Vs. Broly Part 1 is mine. From my old account. It was stolen from me, what you can indeed check. If you do not believe me, write me. Persons who wish to Broly JUS sprites, present themselves to me. Thank you.

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