How Much Money My Mobile Game Made in One Month

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How Much Money My Mobile Game Made in One Month

Title:How Much Money My Mobile Game Made in One Month
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How Much Money I earned From My Mobile Game - Manjulika
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About video
One month ago I released a mobile game on playstore, it was an indian horror game. So in the first week itself it started receiving some attention by some youtubers. Tough views on those videos were very low. But then one day I opened my playconsole dashboard and saw this.
So yeah, from getting 8-10 downloads per day it got 357 the next day and around 1000 the other day
And after that it started going down again. it happened because a big youtuber with 1.5 M subscribers played my game. And his video has got 400k view till now. And after this other youtubers also started making video about manjulika.

Manjulika - Indian Horror Game
The story is about You releasing Manjulika from Dark world ( hell ) by breaking the spell which was used to captured her and now you are stuck in an old haunted house with her. it gets really scary sometime. she doesn't want you to leave.

About Me-:
I am an indie game Developer, I have been working on unity form last 1 year , I think this project looks interesting and something that I can continue working on. I hope you liked it, I have also published few games on Google Play Store which you should check out. I will try to upload videos regularly, thanks for watching.

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