How Much Money Our Mobile Game Made after 3 months

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How Much Money Our Mobile Game Made after 3 months

Title:How Much Money Our Mobile Game Made after 3 months
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How much money our Unity Mobile Game 'Pixel Pirate' made in 3 months!
Jump to 2:23 to skip straight to the money information!

Pixel Pirate is no longer available but I'm keeping this video up for information and educational purposes. Hopefully someone can learn something from our experience and figures!

---- STATEMENT REGARDING PIXEL PIRATE ------------------------------------------
We've made the decision to remove Pixel Pirate from the app stores and take a step back from our projects.
We no longer have the means to support Pixel Pirate and keep it updated with the ever changing technology requirements of the distribution platforms.

From no experience making games, to a released game with over 40,000 players, an invite to one of the largest industry events in the world, and a high score that only a few have beaten.

In this short time, we have come a long way and learnt so much. We have learnt about game development, programming, art, business, marketing, and things we never even knew existed.
It's still unbelievable to us that so many people from all different corners of the world have sat down and enjoyed our game, or at the very least have rage quit at the squid enemy.

We put in a lot of work and sacrificed a lot to make a game we care about, and we are extremely proud of everything we have achieved.

But now it's time for us to take a step back and look after ourselves so we can continue to work on projects that we care about in the future.

We sincerely appreciate all the great feedback and for sharing this journey with us, thank you for all the amazing support!

Liam & Jaimie
Seawolf Studios

As I said to Zim in the comments, were both focusing on our own projects, I'm over at Saultoons on YouTube with art tutorials, creative projects, and will soon be sharing more game related projects. And Jaimie has said he's been working on some games of his own too, which is exciting and worth looking out for! Cheers folks - Liam

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Thanks for watching :)

Info -

In October 2019 we released our first game to the App Store and Google Play. Before this we had never released or even finished a game before, we spent a year learning about game development before releasing Pixel Pirate. Since then it has had 40,000 downloads, been featured in 13 countries, and reached top 100 in some countries for Arcade/Action games! We hope to some day become full time game developers, so we need to learn a thing or two about the industry. Hopefully we can share with you our tips and progress in our videos

Thanks for watching!


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