MAF Test - after 9 months Maffetone

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MAF Test - after 9 months Maffetone

Title:MAF Test - after 9 months Maffetone
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I figured it would be a good time for another Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) Test. Somehow, I thought I had done more of these, but this is only my third one. The results were interesting.

Disclaimer: I'm not a coach nor certified as one. I'm not an expert in HR training.

Additional Maffetone Low HR Training Resources
Phil Maffetone
Floris Gierman Facebook Group
Maffetone's Book.

Note: I recognize that many of you have strong feelings about maffetone training. That's cool. No one is trying to change your mind. No one is criticizing you the way you train.

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Running footage shot on:
insta360 one r (paid link)

GoPro Hero 8 Black (paid link)

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