My Inspire Project EP4 – Hokkaido, An Unspoiled Winter Wonderland in Northern Japan

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My Inspire Project EP4 – Hokkaido, An Unspoiled Winter Wonderland in Northern Japan

Title:My Inspire Project EP4 – Hokkaido, An Unspoiled Winter Wonderland in Northern Japan
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Continue our journey in Asia, we came to the winter wonderland in Hokkaido. It is the second largest, northernmost and least developed of Japan's four main islands, known for its harsh winter with lots of snowfall, below zero temperatures and frozen seas. For us, it was one of the toughest and most challenging filming and traveling experiences, but the unspoiled nature, landscape, wildlife, culture and cuisine, made this island our favorite winter destination by far.

Started from Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, with a warm welcome with the backdrop of the neon light and fresh seafood dinner. We visited the prestige Hokkaido Shrine next morning and asked for prayers for our trip. Then we arrived in Yoichi to visit the iconic Yoichi Distillery of Nikka Whisky to learn about the traditional whisky making process and the love story and history behind. We also visited the Whisky Museum in the Distillery and tasted the fine and delicious Yoichi Single Malt Whisky, Super Nikka and Apple Wine. It was just perfect for the cold snowy day.

Later on, we arrived in the renowned ski town of Niseko, checking in our luxury loft at Suiboku. We our pick for our home away from home with an industrial aesthetic and best view of Mt. Yotei. Then we put on our ski gears and outfit, joined our private ski couch from Niseko wow for an adventurous and fun day on the snow mountains. Apparently we still need a lot of practices compared with other experts on the slopes!

Followed the marshmallow- like stream valley, we moved to the frozen Lake Shikaribetsu, waking up in the Traditional Japanese home with tatami floor and futon setting. We loved the pop-up ice village on the frozen lake along with the lake side resorts, makes you feel like you are in a different part of planet. Then we ordered some whisky “in” the rock to warm up ourselves and hosted our own party in the spectacular Ice Bar. Lastly, a bath in the outdoor hot spring was much need with -15c temperature.

Through the snow mountain and forest, we came to crater lake of Lake Akan during the blizzard. As the lake is frozen and covered in the heavy snow, we hided in these little colorful tents for ice-fishing. By the time our patience ran out, we went for something more exciting with the snowmobile. Then after the speedy moment, we explored the charming village and Ainu Kotan, a local indigenous tribe and its handicrafts. And we ended the night with traditional Ainu performance and dances.

In Central and East Hokkaido, we experienced the pure wilderness and the simplest Japanese village living. We spent the day with Red-crowned crane at Tsurui Ito Tancho Crane Sanctuary. The Japanese crane is known as the symbol of luck and longevity but received endangered status since 1970. Thanks to the conservation program, we could still observe their movements and behaviors up close.

At the deserted Mount Iō, a volcano that was once a sulphur mine, the bare mountain is alive with hot steam coming out from the fumarole. We could smell the strong sulphur and feel the heat and power from the earth.

Right before sunset, we stopped at Sunayu Onsen by Lake Kussharo. We were accompanied by hundreds of swans while enjoying the naturally heated sand and hot spring on the beach. It was like a scene coming out from a fairy tale.

On our last day in Hokkaido, we jumped on the cruise Aurora to chase the drift ice in Abashiri , It was the coldest day with -25c degree outside but we decided to stay on the deck to enjoy this incredible view. Everything we saw was beyond grand, pristine and breathtaking. An experience like this may be something that only happens once in your lifetime.

There was nothing else we could expect as a better ending for this trip. Finally, we surpassed the horizon and continued our journey to the next destination.

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Special Thanks to -

Yoichi Distillery, Nikka Whisky

Niseko Wow

Lake Akan Ainu Theater

Tsurui Ito Tancho Crane Sanctuary

Police department, Teshikaga, Hokkaido

All Saints Taiwan
Marc Jacobs

Dan Gaillard
Jay Lan
Debbie Lu
Laetitia Adam

Music -

- Glowing by Be Still the Earth - Locus
- Endless Horizons by Ian Post
- Follow the Wild Path by Max Herve
- Deer Dance by Ian Post
- Show Out by Theevs
- Focus by Oliver Michael
- Inhale by Salt of the Sound
- Curiosity by Kevin Graham
- Call On Me by Kick Lee
- Life by Runar Blesvik
- Son of Himalaya by Suraj Nepal
- Motion by Tristan Barton
- Footsteps by Be Still the Earth
- Drifting by This Patch of Sky

Credit -

My Inspire Project
Gloren Co..

Publisher - Henry Hu
Creative Director | Executive Producer - Andrew Chen
Videographer | Photographer | Editor - Kairi Wen
Writer | Narrator - Andrew Chen

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