Should You Buy A PS Vita In 2020

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Should You Buy A PS Vita In 2020

Title:Should You Buy A PS Vita In 2020
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Is The PS Vita Still Worth Buying In 2020?


Sony’s PlayStation Vita launched in late 2011 in Japan and came to the West in early 2012. Positioned as the successor to Sony’s uber-successful PSP and competitor to Nintendo’s mobile juggernaut, the 3DS, the Vita came out swinging. This system brought with it tons of hardware features, beefy components unlike anything ever seen in a handheld, and a screen with tech that’s still considered expensive and high-end today in 2020. Then came a deluge of games, worthwhile accessories, and homebrew support, all the while prices continued to fall.

The PlayStation Vita ultimately might have made promises it couldn’t keep and spent too much of its budget on unnecessary hardware features, which led to its failure in the market, but as a cheap gaming device in 2020, the Vita has a great library, and there’s tons of stuff you can do with the console. Today, we’re taking a look at the PlayStation Vita from its hardware to its price to the games and more and telling you why it might not be a bad thing you couldn’t find a PS5, Series X, or new GPU this holiday, because there’s a device out there that’s more fun today for less money: the PlayStation Vita. Plus, with the PSTV the Vita can double as a Nintendo Switch for PlayStation games, allowing you to easily play at home on your TV and pick up and continue playing on the go.

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Written by: Ruben Circelli
Narrated by: Antony W
Edited by: Ben Bromley

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