The Problem with Badlion Client

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The Problem with Badlion Client

Title:The Problem with Badlion Client
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The Problem with Badlion Client

DISCLAIMER: This video isn't intended to bring any hate towards Badlion, their client is easily the most popular, however it's time to give my honest opinion on the client

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The Badlion Client is the largest Minecraft Client used for within our community for PvP, after personally working for Badlion as a Admin, as a partner and as a community manager I'm going to be revealing all of my problems and issues with the Badlion Client, below you can find timestamps for each poin in the video to help you navigate.

02:31 - The Partnership Issues
05:55 - The Client Update Conundrum
07:13 - The Badlion Ownership Controvesy
09:00 - FPS

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