The Problem With MAF Tests - One Month Of MAF Training - Results

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The Problem With MAF Tests - One Month Of MAF Training - Results

Title:The Problem With MAF Tests - One Month Of MAF Training - Results
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MAF Test suck for so many reasons and today I talk about why the MAF Training test is problematic. MAF Training or Maffetone method are great until they are not. The truth is MAF works and it doesn't. So come run with me and let's see what my MAF training results look like after one month of training using the mattetone method

What is the Maffetone Method? Well, it's Heart Rate Training (a.k.a. MAF Training) and its really all about keeping your heart rate low (zone 2) while running to make sure that you are developing your aerobic system, the ability to burn more fat for fuel and to stay injury-free. MAF stands for maximum aerobic function.

There are lots of Benefits Of Aerobic Base Training For Distance Runners.
Aerobic base training is easily the most important part of every endurance athlete’s training plan. Apart from improving the overall level of fitness, it also prepares the body to tolerate more workload later in the season.

For distance runners in particular this period is a perfect opportunity to gradually increase the total duration of your runs and overall weekly mileage.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 - The Problem
06:11 - My MAF Results

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