Unbiased iPhone 12 Pro vs Note 20 vs Pixel 5 Camera Test

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Unbiased iPhone 12 Pro vs Note 20 vs Pixel 5 Camera Test

Title:Unbiased iPhone 12 Pro vs Note 20 vs Pixel 5 Camera Test
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Max & Angelika have NO IDEA which Smartphone took which photo, so this BLIND camera comparison between the iPhone 12 Pro, the Note 20 Ultra and Pixel 5 is COMPLETELY Unbiased!
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I (Vadim) took all three of these phones home over the weekend and I took a BUNCH of photos with each of them and I put them all together in a video timeline.

Max & Angelika have never seen any of these photos, so they have no idea which photo was taken by which smartphone, so that makes this the MOST UNBIASED camera comparison possible!

I took shots with every single lens from the selfie camera, to the main wide shooter, the ultrawide lens and some zoom shots as well.

I also tested Portrait shots, Night Mode shots and even Night Mode portrait shots to see which smartphone camera is the BEST in 2020.

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