YTP - The Incredi-LOLs Incredibles YTP

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YTP - The Incredi-LOLs Incredibles YTP

Title:YTP - The Incredi-LOLs Incredibles YTP
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This video (YTP) uses existing media such as Disney Movies and TV clips and transforms them into a new form of media with computer editing software as displayed in this video. Using the existing content, I have assembled a fast-paced comedy mashup video that is completely different from the original source material. These videos take me many hours to produce, for example just 20 seconds of the video you are watching took me 2 to 3 hours to edit and produce. One video usually takes around 30-45hrs each. I use Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator, Sony Vegas Studio 11, Sony Vegas Pro 12, and Audacity to make my videos. My videos are created with one goal in mind: To make you laugh. Anyways, thanks for watching and supporting my channel.

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